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Alien Resurrection?

Hehe... I'm alive. Sorry to be afk so long.
My kitty was sick and so I was busy for a while. We thought we were going to have to surgically remove his Important Assets because he couldn't use the litter box due to blockage. He's home now though, and g. Fran has been a doll throughout all this nonsense. I don't know where we would be... But also, I have been reading books, and attempting to write, and whatnot. I'm reading Archer's Heart now and First Lord's Fury.

Zephrann's story has hit 120k words. :D I'm psyched. Stuff is happening now! Unfortunately I'm getting sidetracked by stuff that's supposed to happen after I'd officially decided to end the book. :/ may need to get some opinions on how to work with it. Also, on a name. Is it bad that I already have ideas for cover art? lolol... silly.

Also, gas prices x.x

I should try to get on here more....

Also, Borders! </3 Also, I wish I still had my blackberry to spam world news at me. I should get an RSS feed or something... :/

MissyMy Clothing

Alright, some of you out there are anime nerds, or goth/loli/steampunk fans, whatever floats your boat. :) Some of you just want some more tasteful styles in more realistic sizes. Or how about uncommon traditional clothing like kimono, hanbok, ao dai, sari, and others? It would be nice to wear some of those comfortable traditional styles without having to pay expensive import fees or having to purchase expensive vintage clothing just to find something for daily wear that's not actually a cheaply-made costume. Whatever it is, there's nothing quite like something professionally tailored to your size - those of us who have grown up buying off the rack sometimes don't appreciate that!

MissyMy clothing for ladies and its affiliate, FineGuys clothing for gents (based out of Victoria) are two new lines of clothing that are intended to fill any or all of those needs. The creator has daughters who have gone through that same struggle to find something that fits a curvy or plus-sized figure; or friends that want steampunk coats for the weekends.

For anyone who has ever attended a themed "convention," you've seen what I mean. Few people, however, can spend dozens of hours putting together a costume (I can't even use a sewing machine T^T). And worse, if you order a costume then it falls apart while you're wearing it because it was poorly made, or has uneven seams so it can't be worn straight, you've spent hundreds of dollars for nothing!

MissyMy is specializing currently in gothic lolita basics and modern interpretations of traditional styles - but the line is expanding, and unique pieces are available upon commission. MissyMy and FineGuys styles are custom tailored and not mass-produced by MegaCorp slaves, and are priced accordingly. Fashion and durability can sometimes go hand in hand!

For more information or to place an order, check out the Etsy site at
more info to come including a home page soon, and thanks for supporting a small business!

...or contact the creator, Teresa, at Missy.My.Clothing@gmail.com

MissyMy or FineGuys clothing ships throughout the U.S. and Canada. Take a look and see what you think!


Interesting, no?



Dear TGH,
Please hire me. Kthx? The desperate ones work hard. I'd clean your scalpels with my own tongue if it were sanitary enough. (ehehehehe..... lol.)

For that matter, if _anyone_ would even give me a callback, that would be great. What the hell is my malfunction? This resume is much better than my past ones. Do I suck that bad?
Gotta go. =A=; Wish us luck on our side project.



...I'm going to the pool. >,>



Made a necklace... then it broke.
*goes to fix* _3:<_



Unexpectedly spent 70 dollars at Michael's for supplies for ChouHana accessories. Plus 50 cents when I ripped my sandal in half and had to buy a clearance pair, lol~

Jenn says this crap is tax-deductable. I hope to hell it is.

Oh, and then the car ran out of gas at my bank. hehe. So we sat outside one of the other restaurants there (strip mall) and ate daifuku as we waited for the tow truck to bring gas.

Aug. 18th, 2010

:D Helloooooo~ *quoting Dragon Soul*

shuffles, I miss you. Don't think I don't think about you. Get back online or I will come to where you are and you will not enjoy it.

Also, I haven't forgotten our promise. The Zephrann manuscript is up to 125 pages. The Ship is up to at least 60. :D Also I have two or three side stories I'm using to blow off steam.

Everyone else: My internet is back on! I am not dead! However, I am lurking about my facebook page as of late. Also, stuff be's crazy D:

And Buu is turning into a crab? wtf.

Feb. 8th, 2010

Those of you with a Facebook, pm me and let's be fernds... Kam, I'm-a looking at you. >,>

Um, lessee... Angel and I are in the middle of a Seirei no Moribito marathon. We'll also be (re for me) watching Simoun. And, I have to add Havemercy to the list of great GLBT fiction I'm so in love with.

I updated my blackberry - 8520. If anyone has BBM lets be fernds there too. >.<

Oh, did I mention my new graphics card? OMG. <3 It's not a great one, but it's more than good enough for Dungeons and Dragons Online and thusly whatever else I want to do.

So I let my manager know today that I want to move to computers. Big shock I guess... I've been in phones forever.. he put it in perspective today when he told me "almost five years." I enjoy them still, they're nice little toys. I'll feel totally weird I guess, having to, like, show up on time for my shifts and stuff. *giggle* Not that I abused that privilege. And it seemed like everyone else got to cut out early from time to time, but being the closer it wasn't me. I don't know... it was just supposed to be a "college job" but I still want to go back to college once we climb out of this hole. Anyway there are cool people over in computers and I'm certain a good amount I can learn... everything should be a learning opportunity.

Well, that's all I can think of..

Aa, sou ka - everyone in Tampa has gone crazy and no longer remembers how to properly operate a motor vehicle. I'm not the driver, but damn, I'm just friggin scared to leave the house some days anymore. それわほうんとうね。みんあこわい。。。 けどね、いつか僕も乗回す。 (僕の日本語訳わいい??) I'll enjoy doing that again. If only I had something relevant to say. がんばれよ、Kitty-ちゃん!

And my foot won't stop hurting. :( ::gnaws it off:: Maybe I should go check my friends pages... for the first time in a while... >,> oops...

My comp is fixeddede!

It was a bad power supply. ^^; I'm really excited to have it back!

For those of you I missed, I missed you. For those of you who don't care, feh. =p

Some new things about me;
While I've been using Jenn's computer I got a facebook and started playing DDO.
I'm so excited! I have so much I can do now. I can play my Sims again. :D

Tmrw Angelito is coming over and we're gonna watch the Gamers 1 and 2 back to back. Should be interesting.

And I just finished re-reading Shoebox. :D


o^_^o Kumagoro-kun!

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